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"I was too vigorous when I was pulling it out."
"The stick….that doesn’t make it better."

- Productive conversations in the 8th floor office. It beats the argument I had yesterday about the components of toasters.


Jesus take the wheel


Whoa there Jesus

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i want the kind of funding that scientists in comic books have.  where are you getting this money?  do you publish papers or do you just turn people into giant lizards and call it a day?  do you have to get that shit peer reviewed?  who is paying for your research?  can you give me their email address 

i have googled ‘evil science grants’ and the results were not satisfying

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BUT look at his face


so proud of his new shield and then peggy shoots him


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Sometimes a vid is just perfect. Captain America and The Avengers through Steve’s point-of-view. The timing is perfect. The lyrics match up wonderfully. Great vid.

The War Was In Color - Carbon Leaf

This vid leaves me shaking, literally shaking, every time I watch it. I found it over a year ago, and ever since I go back every couple of weeks and watch it again because it just…it says so much.

I’ve never been so grateful for an artistic choice as I was for the shot of Natasha on the line “victory earned”, and I’ve never felt so much for Captain America as when he looks up at Fury after that first verse. I honestly can’t say enough about this vid and this artist.

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It’s days like this that I like to remember that the Irish government are ever proud of the Spire of Dublin.


It’s literally a 400 ft metal spike sticking out of the ground. It was supposed to be done for the new millennium but they didn’t start building it until 2002.

And it’s supposed to be self-cleaning but it doesn’t work and there’s no way to clean it.


not to mention it’s ‘unofficial name’

the erection at the intersection

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"She knows him better than anybody.
                    Stephen Amell

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Oh my god New Zealand..


  • Not only are three huge names in the information war battling our current government
  • our PM is slandering respected international journalists
  • lying about any stats we can get him to release
  • spying on us casually
  • and stealing Eminem music for his campaign.
  • Which they’re now being sued for.

  • And you thought it was just sheep and Lord of the Rings.

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i expected the comments to be terrible BUT THEY WEREN’T YAAASSSSS NEW ZEALAND

Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the people in our country

Thank god i’m in such a convenient place to be bi

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